VIDEO – Il saluto speciale tra la calciatrice e il suo piccolo tifoso, entrambi senza mano sinistra

Entrambi nati senza la mano sinistra, si salutano con un gesto che commuove la rete

Entrambi nati senza la mano sinistra, la calciatrice Carson Pickett, difensore della squadra Orlando Pride, e il piccolo Joseph Tidd, un bellissimo bambino di 22 mesi, si salutano con un gesto che commuove la rete.

I genitori di Joseph lo incoraggiano a incontrare altre persone che come lui hanno difetti congeniti agli arti e questo lo ha reso più sicuro di se stesso. La foto virale del loro saluto a bordo campo è stata postata su Twitter da Becky Burleigh, allenatrice della squadra di calcio delle Florida Gators che scrive: “Abbiamo bisogno di gesti come questo nel mondo. ‪Diffondetela per seminare gioia!”.


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Yesterday we had the chance to spend some time with the beautiful and talented @carson.pickett who plays professional soccer for @orlpride in the @nwsl. Carson is part of our @lucky_fin_project family as she is missing her left hand. We have been following Carson since she was playing for @reignfc same city who also drafted our buddy @shaquem_griffin. She was traded to Orlando in Dec, we have been dying to meet her. Thank you to @fox35amy and the Orlando Pride for setting this up. We had the chance to talk with Carson and her parents. Long enough to see the strong spirit she has and the example she portrays on and off the field. What makes Carson different is not her arm but her desire to be the best. Her Dad said to me that one thing that was never allowed in the home were the words “I cant”. Carson is an amazingly beautiful woman who stands as a shining example for our children. We will be going to many more Pride games and look forward to seeing Carson do a throw-in. I dare someone to give her a penalty for not getting the ball behind her head. The whole stadium and the Tidd family loves this girl and I would not want to be them. We’ll share some more videos of the meet up soon, but this video of hide and seek with their arms is too funny. Such a sweet moment between 2 amazing people. #orlandopride #carsonpickett #tenfingersareoverrated #luckyfinfamily #luckyfinproject #limbdifferenceawareness #limbdifferenceawarenessmonth #strongwomen #differentlyabled #againstallodds #rolemodel #inspire #hideandseek #orlandokids #bigsister #imnotcryingyourecrying @lucky_fin_project @barstoolsports @espn @foxsports @nbcsports @cbssports @theellenshow @todayshow @goodmorningamerica

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