VIDEO – Brividi tra le onde: si tuffa in mare con un grande squalo bianco

Dopo aver avvistato un grande squalo bianco tra le onde di Guadalupe, un subacqueo ha deciso di tuffarsi in mare per riprendere da vicino il maestoso animale.

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"When You See A Great White Shark In The Water… And Just Jump In" – ⛔ WARNING: This is an Edited Video. • 🔵Maestro's Notes: Truth is, You don't just jump in unless you have a permit to do so. And even if you did, you'll have to assess first if it is safe to go into the water without a cage in a "Cage Only" diving area like Guadalupe. This footage was filmed on location in Mexico courtesy of Passionate Shark Conservationist, Underwater Photographer and Filmmaker, Jalil Najafov @jalilnajafov • Shark Diving activities in Guadalupe Island, Mexico are so strict, here are some of the guidelines: 1. It is strictly prohibited to fish great white sharks. 2. It is strictly prohibited to swim and/or dive outside the cages. 3. The permit holder shall ensure that great care shall be taken by all crew members to prevent injure to white sharks during cage diving activities. 4. The permit holder shall ensure that the bait is tied down only with rope. No metal shackles or chains may be used. The line attached to the hang baits shall have a floating line attached to the buoy using only natural fiber lines. 5. It is forbidden to unfold or tow decoys of any kind into the waters of the Reserve. 6.The permit holder shall ensure that the crew member handling the bait line shall drop the bait line as soon as the shark takes the bait in its mouth in case this action cannot be avoided on time. 7. The permit holder shall ensure that the bait line is immediately removed from the water if the white shark following the bait approaches within 6.5 feet (2 m) of the vessel. 8. Operators must ensure that at least two crew members on each trip have documented dive-master experience. 9. Bait shall be thrown from port side or starboard side at the stern in an angle of 45° from the cages to the outside of the boat. Bait line will not be shorter than 40 feet (12 meters) and it shall not touch the cage or pass over the top of the cage. 10. The permit holder must install ailerons type devices on the sides of the boat for the management and handling of the bait. And so on and so forth…

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