Squali in pericolo, le Hawaii vogliono vietare di ucciderli

Le autorità di Honolulu hanno avanzato la proposta di vietare l’uccisione degli squali nelle acque delle Hawaii, dopo aver ricevuto centinaia di lettere e telefonate di sostegno per l’idea.
la legge proteggerebbe tutti gli squali, e non solo determinate specie: sarebbe la prima del suo genere negli Stati Uniti. La proposta di legge prevede che non solo l’uccisione, ma anche la cattura o il ferimento degli animali verrebbero sanzionati e multati come un reato minore. Ogni anno vengono uccisi circa 100 milioni di squali in tutto il mondo e alcune specie rischiano l’estinzione.

Ocean Ramsey, ricercatrice e tour operator che opera alle Hawaii ed è nota anche per la sua nuotata in compagnia dello squalo bianco più grande del mondo, è stata determinante nel fare lobby per portare avanti la proposta di legge. “Questi stupendi animali vengono sterminati davanti ai nostri occhi e la gente non si rende nemmeno conto di cosa sta perdendo”, ha commentato.

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Photo by @juansharks ❤️ I truly believe that if people had the experiences I’ve had with sharks, or really got to experience what they are like, they would be speaking up and doing anything they could to save them too. But how do we get people to care about another animal they’ve always been told was a monster? The way I’ve found to be most impactful is to help people get into the water and experience for themselves the beauty and truth. Replacing fear with scientific facts and experience is powerful but joining me or my safety team in the public shark research program @oneoceandiving in Hawaii or one of my other international projects is perhaps not possible for so many people. So I appreciate that images can speak volumes and transcend language barriers to help open a conversation about the plight of sharks and the ocean. Luckily my fiancé’s an incredible #sharkphotographer #freediver and #conservationists too 😉❤️ Re: this image. This is not a scary moment for me, this is a beautiful moment when a large gorgeous tiger shark (Emma) swims up and with her mouth closed gently puts her nose in my hand seemingly seeking connection. See @juansharks IG for the next image in this sequence. Sharks are being killed at a rate of 70,000,000-100,000,000 per year. A gross and unsustainable number. You can help by combating the demand and supply for #sharkfinsoup in your state/country and helping to ban #sharkfishing wherever you live. Freediving with @daniel.hulme #helpsavesharks #savesharks #tigershark #shark #sharks #discoversharks #oneocean #oneoceandiving #ocean Tiger shark wetsuit by @xcelwetsuits Coming out soon 💙🦈💙

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